Forgive, Love and Reach Out!

Forgiveness is an act of free will that will help you with your toxic thoughts of anger, resentment, bitterness etc. Forgiving is an action on your part despite the  behavior by the other person and  still acknowledging  the pain and … read more »

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Fat – The New Skinny!

Fat … is the new skinny! Recent reports by the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM 359-3 July 17,2008)  studied 322 moderately obese adults whose  mean age was 52. Some were given a low-fat diet, some Mediterranean diet and others … read more »

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In Search for Gluten

If you have decided to go gluten free, you need to be aware of all its forms.  Wheat, barley and rye may be obvious things to avoid, but here is a list of other common items that do contain gluten: … read more »

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Gluten – a Sticky Situation

Gluten is an important piece of this healthy brain puzzle. It is the glue found in wheat, barley and rye and if sensitive to it can adversely affect brain health. Signs outside of celiac disease include “the prevalence of extra … read more »

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Carbs and Inflammation: A Deathly Duo!

Inflammation is the body’s response to some sort of stress and is not to be turned on for a prolonged period of time. It tells us the body is trying to defend itself against something that is potentially harmful. So … read more »

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Your Brain Unglued

“Your brain … Weighs three pound and has one hundred thousand miles of blood vessels.It contains more connections that there are stars in the Milky Way, is the fattest organ in your body. It could be suffering this very minute … read more »

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Sugar, our sweet demon of Disguise

Who would have thought that our sweet indulgences could wreak havoc in our bodies and namely the brain?  Much has been written about the negative effects  of over consuming sugar, and the latest documentary “Fed Up” further unveils the demons … read more »

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What’s The Gut Got to Do With It?

  As previously mentioned in Dowsing the Brain With Sleep, inflammations are the body’s attempt to defend itself against infection, toxins, and foreign molecules.  But the problem arises when inflammation is chronic or ongoing.  Then it attacks cells and tissues … read more »

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Create Your Sleep Sanctuary

Now that we know the importance of sleep, here are some familiar and not so familiar steps you can take to create the best environment and scenario for the best sleep possible.  Some of these tips may be obvious for … read more »

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Dowsing the Brain on Fire with Sleep

Unlike the rest of our body, the brain is often forgotten simply because it has no pain receptors to grab your attention.  Instead it subtly protests in other ways such as brain fog, restlessness and lack of focus.  But like … read more »

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